Currently BARICHELLO OFFICINE MECCANICHE SRL is involved in the manufacturing of mechanical parts and turning, milling and drilling processes for third parties dealing, if required, in purchase and processing of raw material.
BARICHELLO OFFICINE MECCANICHE SRL perform works ranging from the production of crowns and pinions, epicyclic gears, starter crowns, motor vehicle wheels parts, junction elements and structural details for construction cranes to ball valve finite elements from 6″ to 16″ and gate valves.
The company has a CAD-CAM workstation for creating drawings and complex parts in 3D. The ability to perform interventions and machining on details, also of different sizes, it is possible thanks to our selected machine park; priority of BARICHELLO OFFICINE MECCANICHE SRL is the delivery time by constantly monitoring production times of the details to be able to handle more and, at best, the market demands.